Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Do you know what gift to give your loved one for the special day?  To help inspire you, we’re writing a list of 7 creative gift ideas to give your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Give your loved one a customized neck pillow for Valentine’s Day.  This comfortable pillow provides excellent neck support during your travels.  The outer pillowcase is machine washable and has a snap enclosure to ensure a snug fit.  See our Neck Pillow Page to order.

IDEA #1: Customized Neck Pillow


A customized throw pillow is a lovely gift to give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.  Our “Start with Forever” pillow template is a quick and easy way to design your pillow.  Just replace the images with your own and you have an instant customized throw pillow! Check our Throw Pillow Page to order.

IDEA #2: Customized Throw Pillow with our “Start with Forever” template.


Here’s a Valentine’s gift that’s sure to make your partner smile.  Using our “Smile” pillow template, you only need to swap out the pictures with your own.  Our throw pillows come in 10″x10″, 13″x13″, and 15″x15″ sizes.

IDEA #3: Customized Throw Pillow with our “Smile” template.


The 10″x15″ pillow is a cute size that is great for displaying photos with messages or panoramic photos.  Use our “You + Me” template below and replace the images with your own for an instant pillow design.  For more great template ideas, visit our Templates page.

IDEA #4: “You + Me” Pillow


The customized body pillow is one of our best selling products.  Just one look at it and you’ll know why.  They’re great for cuddling with at night, and a customized message with pictures mean your loved one will be seeing you every night before going to bed.

IDEA #5: Customized Body Pillow


Looking for a humorous gift to give for Valentine’s Day?  Try turning your sweetheart’s pet into a Pillow Head!  These Pillow Head cutouts work for people too.  All we need is a single photo of the person or pet and we’ll take care of the rest. Visit our Pillow Head Page to order.


We’re saving the best Valentine’s gift idea for last! This is the customized Memory Foam pillow. It’s as soft as a sponge and contours perfectly to any head shape. Your loved one will love sleeping on this customized pillow every night.  Go to our Memory Foam Pillow page to order today.

IDEA #7: Customized Memory Foam Pillow