Merry Christmas! New Christmas-Themed Templates

Looking for Christmas gift ideas? Try making a customized pillow for your loved ones. Our new collection of Christmas-themed templates below will make it easier to come up with a design. We’ll simply replace the pictures with your own, and voila! You’ll have a unique Christmas gift personalized just for you. After selecting a design […]

New Mini Me Human Doll Template Designs

Announcing our new collection of Mini Me Human Doll pillow designs!  Just choose a design you want, send us a picture of someone, and we’ll expertly make a cutout of the person’s head and apply it to the design that you want.  Instant customized Mini Me pillow!  To order, visit our Mini Me Human Doll […]

Introducing the Mini Me Human Doll Pillow

Transform yourself into a funny Human Doll Pillow! These doll-like pillows are made from a combination of real images and pre-made body designs.  First, send us a picture of the front and back of your head.  Select from our pre-made body designs, and we’ll combine everything together to create a realistic looking human pillow.  Check […]

Personalized Body Pillows – Any Design You Want!

These personalized body pillows make the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones. Create any design you want from your personal pictures and we’ll print it on your body pillow. At 44 inches long, these soft body pillows stretch the full length of your body, making it the perfect snuggling buddy at night. Watch our […]

Customized Memory Foam Pillow – The Ultimate in Sleep Comfort

The customized Memory Foam Pillow is the ultimate in sleep comfort.  Memory foam pillows conform to the shape of your head and neck due to the special sponge-like foam material that it is made from. This results in a safe posture while you’re sleeping.  It also distributes weight evenly and alleviates pressure points. The customized […]