Pillow Art customized photo pillows are unique one of a kind gifts with brilliant colorful images infused on soft polyester fabric. Because the image is infused directly into the polyester fabric and not simply printed on top of it, your images will be long lasting and never fade.  All pillows are  washable and perfectly safe to sleep on.

10″x10″ Pillow
Php 360

The 10″x10″ fun size pillow is our smallest customizable pillow. The small size makes it great for corporate giveaways, wedding favors, and gifts.

10″x15″ Pillow
Php 400

The 10″x15″ pillow can be used as a wide pillow or a tall pillow depending on which way you rotate it. This makes it great for displaying longer photos that need more room, such as panoramic landscape pictures or pillows with additional text.

13″x13″ Pillow
Php 450

At 13″x13″, this customized pillow is a cute size that feels just right. Use it to accent your living room couch or place it on your bed to add a bit of bedroom flair.

15″x15″ Pillow
Php 620

Got some family snapshots or a collection of cellphone pics you’d like to turn into something interesting?  Send us up to 9 of your favorite images and we’ll turn them into a beautiful 15″x15″ photo pillow that you’re sure to love.

20″x30″ Pillow
Php 1,100

You’ll sleep soundly at night with our customizable 20″x30″ pillow. This is the standard pillow size you’ll find in any bedroom. Made from soft polyester fabric, this pillow is soft and silky – perfect to sleep on every night!

18″x44″ Pillow
Php 1,400

If you already own a body pillow, you’ll know the feeling of wrapping your arms and legs around a soft, long pillow at night. It’s a heavenly feeling, and our 18″x44″ body pillows are just that.

Customized Neck Pillow
Php 450

Our customized neck pillows are filled with soft polyester stuffing, giving you the relaxing support you need and will conform to your every position. Perfect for use at home or while traveling, this U-shaped pillow has a soft polyester outer casing with an adjustable snap enclosure.

Customized Heart Pillow
Php 650

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one?  Display your love with a heart!  Our customized heart-shaped pillows can be customized with your very own pictures, making it a unique one of a kind gift that you can’t find anywhere else.

Customized Car Pillow
Php 380

The customized car pillow is perfect for anyone who drives or owns a car.  With an elastic strap in the back, this pillow fixes firmly against your seat and provides great neck and head support during your ride.

Customized Hot Dog Pillow
Php 590 – Php 1,180

The hot dog pillow is an elongated hot dog-shaped pillow that comes in small and large sizes. Great for cuddling with or using as a lumbar support pillow. Upload up to 14 photos for your hot dog pillow design.

Customized Foot Pillow
Php 700

The Foot Pillow by Pillow Art is filled with tiny styrofoam beads, which gives it a soft, cushiony feel. It can go under your desk as a comfortable foot rest, or use it to prop up your feet while watching TV. Whatever you use it for, you’ll love this pillow because it comes decorated with your favorite pictures. Just upload your pics to us (up to 18 images) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Round Pillow
Starting at Php 370

Use a beautiful round-shaped pillow to accent the look of any bed or couch. Also known as a circle pillow and emoji pillow.

Memory Foam Pillow
Php 800

The memory foam pillow is for those who want the ultimate in superior comfort. Your head and neck will feel like they’re floating on air with this luxurious pillow.

Pillowcase Only
Starting at Php 290

Have your own pillow but need a pillowcase for it?  You can purchase a customized pillowcase just by itself.