Have you ever thought of designing your own pillows?  In just a few steps, even you can become a pillow designer!  Take some creative pictures with your camera and put it on a pillow.  If you have some artistic talent, put your artwork on a pillow.  Or get into your own business by becoming a pillow art reseller, then design pillows for your own customers.  The possibilities are limitless!

Design your own pillows - Pillow Design

All it takes is some moderate graphic design skills and some knowledge on using software such as Adobe Photoshop.  Here are the steps.  First, download our Photoshop pillow templates here.  Choose the template with the pillow size that you want.  Next, create your design on the template by importing photos, laying out text, and adding whatever else you wish to it.  Then save your file as JPG (maximum quality), and upload that file when you place your order on our website.  We will then print the file exactly as you sent it to us.

Give it a try and see how rewarding it is to be a pillow designer!