With Pillow Art, starting your own reseller business has never been easier!  We treat every reseller as an important business partner and aim to provide you with top quality help and service.  Here are the advantages of becoming a Pillow Art reseller:

  1. Almost no startup capital is required because you don’t need to buy or store any inventory.
  2. You can create your own name for your business and resell our products under your business name.
  3. As a reseller, you get 20% off all our retail prices.  On top of that, you can markup the price of your products as much as you want!
  4. You only pay us for the items once your customer has paid you.
  5. We can provide you with marketing materials such as brochures and price sheets that you can print out and distribute, branded with your company name.
  6. We can ship the products directly to your customer for you (shipping costs are shouldered by you).
  7. We can even put your company’s name on the label of the pillow to give it your own branded look!

So what does it take to join the Pillow Art Reseller Program?  For a minimal fee of P500, all the benefits listed above will be effective immediately for you.  If you’re ready to pay the fee and become a reseller, contact us today.