Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you know anyone with a birthday coming up? We can help you come up with some ideas for a creative, personalized birthday gift.  Gift ideas include a personalized heart pillow, body pillow, neck pillow, throw pillow, or queen size pillow.

Personalized Birthday Gifts

Personalized photo pillows are great gift ideas to give someone for their birthday. After you’ve selected the type of pillow you like, upload your pictures and we will transform them into a unique pillow design.  To jumpstart your ideas, you can browse our Templates Page.  You can also select a birthday design template from our photo gallery above and we’ll replace the placeholder images with your own pictures and text.

About Pillow Art

Pillow Art is based in Pampanga, Philippines.  We specialize in printing high-end customized photo pillows using dye sublimation printing.  Start personalizing your own photo pillow today by visiting our Customized Pillows Page.