At Pillow Art, ideas for great pillows usually comes from our customers themselves.  Following are examples of a few of our customers who have made inspiring Pillow Art, perhaps inspiring you to get your own made as well.

Photographer’s Pillow

Are you a photographer with a collection of amazing pictures? Turn them into photo pillows like world-renowned Filipino photographer Aaron Palabyab did with his sky pillows.  You have your own brand name.  Leverage it and charge a premium for your works of art!

Selfie Body Pillow

If you love taking selfies, then why not turn them into a selfie body pillow?  These long 15″x34″ pillows display prominently on the bed. Not only will you have something beautiful to look at, you’ll also have something comfy and cute to cuddle up with every night.

15"x34" Body Pillow

Couple Pillow

A Couple Pillow showcases a couple and some of their most tender and memorable moments together.  This couple created a collage of photos from their personal snapshots, adding their initials to the pillow as a cute final touch.

Couple Pillow Art

Branding Pillow

A Branding Pillow should prominently feature the logo of your brand onto a pillow.  Travel/fashion blogger Jana Legaspi created one such pillow with her blog’s logo and icon.

Jana Legaspi Blogger Pillow

Birthday Pillow

A Birthday Pillow makes the perfect surprise birthday gift.  Not only is it a thoughtful and useful gift (everyone needs a pillow to sleep on at night), but it’s something that is uniquely you.  Your own photos, your own words, the pillow is totally your creation and no one else’s.


Doggie Pillow

The Doggie Pillow makes the perfect gift for all the animal lovers out there.  Just few snapshots of your little one and your memories are preserved forever on a pillow.

Doggie Pillow