Pillow Heads are cutouts of your head formed into a pillow. This unique novelty item is sure to turn heads for anyone who enters the room!  Give it to your friend as a gag gift, or make Pillow Heads of your loved ones to help lighten up any room.

Pictured above are Pillow Heads of people, but you can make cutout pillow of practically anything you want.  Pets and animals make great Pillow Heads too.  Check out these adorable Pet Pillow Heads.

Whether it’s Pillow Heads of people or Pillow Heads of your pets, get one to decorate any room and put a smile on someone’s face. Ordering your Pillow Head is easy.  Simply visit our Pillow Head Page and upload one clear, high-resolution image of a head.  Our expert photo editors will make a cutout from your picture.  We’ll send it to you for approval before making the pillow.

Enjoy this behind the scenes video showing just how we make our unique Pillow Heads.